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Scuba Equipment - the guidelines to buy a good snorkeling and diving suits

Scuba Equipment - This article discusses the guidelines to buy a good snorkeling and diving suits your pocket ability. There are several things to consider when buying other types of snorkel mouthpiece between, kind mask clasp clip, big vs. small person person, child size snorkel, snorkel for snorkelling vs. snorkel for diving, snorkeling and price problems dry snorkel. Let us discuss them one by one.
From Silicon Mouthpiece

Similar to choose a mask for diving, you should choose a desiccant snorkel with silicone mouthpiece. Mouthpiece with silicon material has advantages in its use more convenient, more flexible (not rigid) and more durable than the plastic mouthpiece made of (easily broken).

Removable / Replaceable Mouthpiece

Actually we do not need to replace the mouthpiece, but there are some people who have a bad habit that is powerful bite or a mouthpiece with some even chew the mouthpiece. If you are one of those people who have the habit should choose to snorkel mouthpiece can be replaced with a new one.

Mask Strap Clips

There's some kind of clasp clip mask models, some made of plastic and some are made of silicone or rubber. But you already have the latest model greatly simplifies installation and release snorkel from the mask strap. The model consists of two parts that is installed on the first section and other sections snorkel attached to the mask strap. To install only the second combining section.

Big Person vs. Small Person

Large bodied people breathe more air relative of the small bodied. It is therefore of great stature make sure you are using the snorkel with a large diameter tube. If you use a snorkel with a small diameter tube then you will feel inconvenience when mengghirup air through the snorkel (felt less relief). However if you are short instead choose snorkel with a small diameter tube. If you use large diameter snorkel, you will be trouble at the time of clearing the snorkel tube.

Dimensions Snorkel Son

For a single parameter is used when you would buy for your child's snorkel. Choose snorkel specific to children. But sometimes there are children who do not get the problem when using the snorkel adults. It's just logic snorkel adult has a larger diameter and longer snorkel tube of course will be difficult for your child who has a small mouth size.

Snorkel for Snorkeling vs. Snorkel For Diving

A snorkel divers prefer a smaller, lighter and shorter than the snorkel for snorkelling. The reason is simply using a snorkel diver while swimming on the surface (backturtle) or find a location for diving. The rest (while diving) unused snorkel. How to freediving and skindiving

Using Dry Snorkel Freediving

The use of dry snorkel while freediving can cause flex tube snorkel become depressed / Penyet. This is normal, you do not need to panic. This is because the dry snorkel has a splash snorkel strong enough to resist the entry of water into the tube until the snorkel tube is still a little dry and filled the air (do not even think to use this air to breathe). The Fund closed its deep 4.5 to 6 meters and hit the outside pressure is greater than the volume of air in the tube resulted in the fund will be narrowed to flex tube will Penyet / depressed. But when we go up kepermukaan flex tube will return to its original state. This condition is similar to mineral water bottles in the article the risk of diving. Of course this condition will reduce the resilience of the flex your snorkel tube.

Choose Snorkel Compatible With Your Wallet Conditions

Price snorkel diving market are enormous, ranging from Rp.200.000, - to more than Rp.800.000, -. Choose a size standard snorkel (except when your body measurements exceed the normal size in Indonesia). When your body is too big or too small (few matches is to measure the Indonesian people) then you use the appropriate parameters to measure your snorkel. You should not buy dry snorkel when you are able to use semi-dry snorkel snorkel or even classic (read the article Snorkel Diving). The biggest problem most people use their snorkel is less relaxed breathing, not on the quality or type of good snorkel. But if you breathe relax while using the snorkel, then any kind of snorkel you use will not be problematic.

Before buying a good idea to ask the instructor to learn diving or diving course in your city.